In Magento 1, in a .phtml file, you could use the double underscore __ syntax, with the this keywords (which referenced the block you were in) to make your text translatable.

In Magento 2, the syntax is similar, but there is no reference to the block you’re in.

Magento 1 PHP Translations look like this

<?php echo $this->__("Quantity"); ?>

Magento 2 PHP Translations look like this

<?php echo __("Quantity"); ?>

The only difference is you remove the reference to this.


p.s. It’s worth noting that this does not reference the same thing in a Magento 2 template file as it does in a Magento 1 template file.

In M2, instead of referencing the block you are inside of, this references the templating engine. To access the block, use the implicitly declared variable $block.